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e-Sword is a Bible study computer software package created by Rick Meyers and developed for Microsoft Windows. Development started in January 2000. Since that time, it has continually grown in popularity, reaching 30,000,000 downloads in March 2014. The user interface is available in twenty seven different languages. Resources are available in over eighty languages.
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theWord was created by Costas Stergiou in 2003 to be a valuable, everyday tool for every Christian that wishes to read and study the Bible, the Word of God. His goal is for theWord Bible Software to be "one of the very best Bible study software programs available, commercial or otherwise. theWord is comparable to and in many cases, if not most, better than its commercial counterparts."
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Evidence Regarding The Exodus
Popular Christian tradition since the 4th century has placed the Red Sea crossing someplace along the border of Egypt (near the modern Suez Canal).  It has also placed Mount Sinai in the mountains of the southern Sinai Peninsula.  However, "popular" does not mean "universal", nor does it mean "accurate".

An increasing body of both scholars and evidence now place the Red Sea crossing somewhere along the Gulf of Aqaba (on the east side of the Sinai Peninsula).  Many of these scholars also see the most likely location for Mount Sinai as being the tallest peak of Jabal Al Lawz, a mountain in what was then the land of Midian and what is now northwestern Saudi Arabia.  The mountain is some 30 miles east of the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba.

The Exodus Revealed is an 85-minute 2001 film that documents some of that research.
It features Dr. Lennart Moller and Viveka PontÚn, both of Sweden.  They believe Moses crossed the Red Sea at Nuweiba (about 2/3 of the way from the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba to it's head at Eilat), the shallowest part of the gulf.
     The Exodus Case (2015, 29 min) and The Exodus Case (book) Interview (2013, 2 hrs) also feature Dr. Moller.
     The Exodus of the Children of Israel (2012, 14 min) and Journey to the real Mt Sinai (2014, 24 min) also feature Ms. PontÚn.

Base Institute (Bob Cornuke)
Bob Cornuke, founder of Base Institute, traveled through the Sinai Peninsula and northwestern Arabia in 1997 looking for evidence of the Exodus.  His studies also brought him to Jabal Al Lawz, but by a different route.  He believes Moses crossed the Red Sea at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, and then followed a route where Cornuke also believes he has located the "Bitter Springs of Marah" (Exodus 15:23) and the oasis of Elim (Exodus 15:27).

Patterns Of Evidence: Exodus (Timothy Mahoney)
Mahoney spent 12 years researching the evidence for and against the Exodus, culminating in a 2015 2-hour documentary film and a book of the same name.  I have not seen either one yet, but he discusses the project in an 8-minute interview here.
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Reliability of the Bible
__Why You Can Believe The Bible - EveryStudent.com
__Bible's Reliability Behind The Nativity Story - MovieGuide.org - Dr. Tom Snyder & Dr. Ted Baird
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Passover And The Crucifixion
__Preparing For The Passover - Light Of Messiah Ministries
__Seven Last Words Of Christ - Jim Daly - Focus On The Family
__When Jesus Died - National Catholic Register
__Harmony Of The Women At The Tomb - Tim Deaton

Commentaries by T. Paul Deaton

Image - Types of Bible Translations
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