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Books - Free and Online (from The Gutenberg Project)

The Hunters of the Hills
The Rulers of the Lakes
The Lords of the Wild
The Shadow of the North - A Story of Old New York and a Lost Campaign
The Masters of the Peaks - A Story of the Great North Woods
The Sun of Quebec

The Young Trailers - A Story of Early Kentucky
The Forest Runners - A Story of the Great War Trail in Early Kentucky
The Keepers of the Trail - A Story of the Great Woods
The Eyes of the Woods - A story of the Ancient Wilderness
The Free Rangers - A Story of the Early Days Along the Mississippi
The Riflemen of the Ohio - A Story of the Early Days along "The Beautiful River"
The Scouts of the Valley
The Border Watch - A Story of the Great Chief's Last Stand

The Texan Star - The Story of a Great Fight for Liberty
The Texan Scouts - A Story of the Alamo and Goliad
The Texan Triumph

The Guns of Bull Run
The Guns of Shiloh
The Scouts of Stonewall
The Sword of Antietam
The Star of Gettysburg
The Rock of Chickamauga
The Shades of the Wilderness
The Tree of Appomattox

The Lost Hunters
The Great Sioux Trail - A Story of Mountain and Plain

The Guns of Europe
The Forest of Swords
The Hosts of the Air

Apache Gold
The Quest of the Four - A Story of the Comanches and Buena Vista
The Last of the Chiefs - A Story of the Great Sioux War
In Circling Camps
The Last Rebel
A Soldier of Manhattan
The Sun of Saratoga
A Herald of the West
The Wilderness Road
My Captive
The Candidate - A Political Romance (published 1905)
In Hostile Red - During the American Revolution
Before The Dawn - A Story of the Fall of Richmond
HISTORY       FILE = Download Link

Beacon Lights Of History  (published 1902)     by John Lord  (1810-1894)
Vol 1:  The Old Pagan Civilizations  FILE
Ancient Religions - Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian
Religions of India - Brahmanism and Buddhism
Religion of the Greeks and Romans - Classic Mythology
Confucius - Sage and Moralist
Ancient Philosophy - Seeking After Truth
Socrates - Greek Philosophy
Phidias - Greek Art
Literary Genius - The Greek and Roman Classics
Vol 2:  Jewish Heroes And Prophets  FILE
Abraham - Religious Faith
Joseph - Israel in Egypt
Moses - Jewish Jurisprudence
Samuel - Israel Under Judges
David - Israelitish Conqueror
Solomon - Glory of the Monarchy
Elijah - Division of the Kingdom
Isaiah - National Degeneracy
Jeremiah - Fall of Jerusalem
Judas Maccabaeus - Restoration of the Jewish Commonwealth
Saint Paul - The Spread of Christianity
Vol 3:  Ancient Achievements  FILE
Governments and Laws - Greek and Roman Jurisprudence
The Fine Arts - Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting
Ancient Scientific Knowledge - Astronomy, Geology, Etc.
Material Life of the Ancients - Mechanical and Useful Arts
The Military Arts - Weapons, Engines, Discipline
Cicero - Roman Literature
Cleopatra - The Woman of Paganism
Pagan Society - Glory and Shame
Vol 4:  Imperial Antiquity  FILE
Cyrus the Great - Asiatic Supremacy
Julius Caesar - Imperialism
Marcus Aurelius - The Glory of Rome
Constantine the Great - Christianity Enthroned
Paula - Woman as Friend
Chrysostom - Sacred Eloquence
Saint Ambrose - Episcopal Authority
Saint Augustine - Christian Theology
Theodosius the Great - Latter Days of Rome
Leo the Great - Foundation of the Papacy
Vol 5:  The Middle Ages  FILE
Mohammed - Saracenic Conquests
Charlemagne - Revival of Western Empire
Hildebrand - The Papal Empire
Saint Bernard - Monastic Institutions
Saint Anselm - Mediaeval Theology
Thomas Aquinas - The Scholastic Philosophy
Thomas Becket - Prelatical Power
The Feudal System
The Crusades
William of Wykeham - Gothic Architecture
John Wyclif - Dawn of the Reformation
Vol 6:  Renaissance and Reformation  FILE
Dante - Rise of Modern Poetry
Geoffrey Chaucer - English Life in the Fourteenth Century
Christopher Columbus - Maritime Discoveries
Savonarola - Unsuccessful Reforms
Michael Angelo - The Revival of Art
Martin Luther - The Protestant Reformation
Thomas Cranmer - The English Reformation
Ignatius Loyola - Rise and Influence of the Jesuits
John Calvin - Protestant Theology
Lord Bacon - The New Philosophy
Galileo - Astronomical Discoveries
Vol 7:  Great Women  FILE
Heloise - Love
Joan of Arc - Heroic Women
Saint Theresa - Religious Enthusiasm
Madam de Maintenon - The Political Woman
Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough - The Woman of the World
Madam Recamier - The Woman of Society
Madam de Stael - Woman in Literature
Hannah More - Education of Woman
George Elliot - Woman as Novelist
Vol 8:  Great Rulers  FILE
Alfred the Great - The Saxons in England
Queen Elizabeth - Woman as a Sovereign
Henry of Navarre - The Huguenots
Gustavus Adolphus - Thirty Years' War
Cardinal Richelieu - Absolutism
Oliver Cromwell - English Revolution
Louis XIV - The French Monarchy
Louis XV - Remote Causes of Revolution
Peter the Great - His Services to Russia
Frederic the Great - The Prussian Power
Vol 9:  European Statesmen  FILE
Mirabeau - The French Revolution
Edmond Burke - Political Morality
Napoleon Bonaparte - The French Empire
Prince Metternich - Conservatism
Chateaubriand - The Restoration and Fall of the Bourbons
George IV - Toryism
The Greek Revolution
Louis Phillippe - The Citizen King
Vol 10: European Leaders  FILE
William IV - English Reforms
Sir Robert Peel - Political Economy
Cavour - United Italy
Czar Nicholas - The Crimean War
Louis Napoleon - The Second Empire
Prince Bismarck - The German Empire
William Ewart Gladstone - The Enfranchisement of the People
Vol 11: American Founders  FILE
Preliminary Chapter - The American Idea
Benjamin Franklin - Diplomacy
George Washington - The American Revolution
Alexander Hamilton - American Constitution
John Adams - Constructive Statesmanship
Thomas Jefferson - Popular Sovereignty
John Marshall - The Supreme Court

Vol 12: American Leaders
Andrew Jackson - Personal Politics
Henry Clay - Compromise Legislation
Daniel Webster - The American Union
John C. Calhoun - The Slavery Question
Abraham Lincoln - Civil War and Preservation of the Union
Robert E. Lee - The Southern Confederacy

Vol 13: Great Writers
Rousseau - Socialism and Education
Sir Walter Scott - The Modern Novel
Lord Byron - Poetic Genius
Thomas Carlyle - Criticism and Biography
Lord Macaulay - Artistic Historical Writing
Shakespeare - The Poet
John Milton - Poet and Patriot
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Germany's Greatest Writer
Alfred (Lord) Tennyson - The Spirit of Modern Poetry

Vol 14: The New Era
Richard Wagner - Music
John Ruskin - Art
Herbert Spencer - Evolutionary Philosophy
Charles Darwin - Science
John Ericsson - Navies of War & Commerce
Li Hung Chang - The Far East
David Livingstone - African Development
Sir Austen Henry Layard - Archaeology
Michael Faraday - Electricity And Magnetism
Rudolf Virchow - Medicine & Surgery
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This page is an attempt at an online library of biographies, historical fiction, and history that are now available free in digital format.  Any books listed should be content-appropriate for all ages.  While growing up, I read hundreds of books in these genres that made history interesting by embedding it into compelling stories.  I hope that the books here fill that same mission.

You can read these online as pdf files, or download an e-book version and read it using your e-book reader.  If you don't have one, try out the excellent and free program, CALIBRE.
VARIOUS BIOGRAPHIES       FILE = Download eBook to your computer


Explorers and Travellers  FILE      by A. W. Greely
14 Explorers (1893)
Famous American Statesmen  FILE      by Sarah Knowles Bolton
Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Webster, Clay, and 4 more (1888)
Ten American Girls From History  FILE      by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
Includes Pocahontas, Clara Barton, & Louisa M. Alcott (1917)
Ten Boys from History  FILE      by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
Includes King David, Samuel Morse, David Farragut, & Mozart (1910)
The Child's Book of American Biography  FILE      by Mary Stoyell Stimpson
30 short biographies of famous Americans (1915)
The Junior Classics - Volume 7: Stories of Courage and Heroism  FILE      by William Patten
47 true stories of people from ancient Greece to 19th century America

Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone - Taming the Wilds  FILE     by Katharine E. Wilkie
Kit Carson
The Life of Kit Carson - Hunter, Trapper, Guide, Indian Agent and Colonel U.S.A.  FILE
By Edward S. Ellis
"Buffalo Bill" Cody
Buffalo Bill - From Prarie To Palace  FILE     by John M. Burke
Last of the Great Scouts  FILE     by Helen Cody Wetmore
Thomas Edison
Edison: His Life and Inventions  FILE     by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
James A. Garfield

From Canal Boy to President
  FILE      by Horatio Alger, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln

The Story of Young Abe Lincoln  FILE     by Wayne Whipple
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Info for future construction:

DANIEL BOONE: Taming The Wilds is one of the books in the Discovery Series published by The Garrard Publishing Company, Champaign, Illinois. Other Discovery Books available in hardcover editions from The Garrard Publishing Company are:

Clara Barton           Francis Scott Key
Alexander Graham Bell     Lafayette
Buffalo Bill           Robert E. Lee
Daniel Boone              Leif the Lucky
Luther Burbank            Abraham Lincoln
Richard E. Byrd           Francis Marion
Kit Carson                Samuel F. B. Morse
George Washington Carver  Florence Nightingale
Henry Clay                Annie Oakley
Stephen Decatur           Robert E. Peary
Amelia Earhart            William Penn
Thomas Alva Edison        Paul Revere
Benjamin Franklin         Theodore Roosevelt
Ulysses S. Grant          Booker T. Washington
Henry Hudson              George Washington
Andrew Jackson            Eli Whitney
Thomas Jefferson          Wright Brothers
John Paul Jones

Copyright 1960 by Katherine E. Wilkie. Copyright 1961 by Scholastic Magazines, Inc. This Scholastic Book Services edition is published by arrangement with The Garrard Publishing Company.