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Descendants of Joseph Deaton Jr.,
of Montgomery County, NC  --  4th Generation in America
The following information was compiled by Lawson Alexander Deaton, Jr. of Annapolis, Maryland.  He compiled the research of over 200 contributors into a 14-volume history of Deatons in America.  It was published in 2000 as "SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THOMAS DEATON".  As of 2008 it was available in CD format.  Volume 1 can be found online at:  http://home.comcast.net/~ladeaton01/VOLUME1.pdf

For more info, contact Lawson at ladeaton@comcast.net or see Lawsons's website:
Joseph Deaton (Jr.)
   Born: 1798 in Montgomery County, NC
   Died: after 1850
   Parents: Joseph Deaton & Elizabeth Jourdan D.
   Married: 18__ in Montgomery County, NC
   Wife: Mary "Polly" McDonald
      Born: 1803 in Montgomery County, NC
      1. son (Aaron?) born 1825-30 in NC
      2. son (_____) born 1825-30 in NC
      3. Elias M. Deaton born 1830 in Montgomery County, NC
      4. Martha Deaton born 1835 in Moore County, NC
            Married: 1/9/184/54 in Cumberland County, NC
            Husband: Joseph Yarbrough
               Born: 1831
               (son of James Yarbrough & Isabelle Deaton)
      5. James Deaton born 1838 in Moore County, NC
      6. Henry Deaton born 1841 in Moore County, NC
      7. Rhoda Deaton born 1842 in Moore County, NC
      8. Mary "Polly" Deaton born 1844 in Moore County, NC
      1st 2 children not listed by Lawson Deaton.
      Elias, Martha, James, Henry shown on 1850 Moore County
      Census.  Rhoda (never married, died 1926) and Mary
      (died 1922) buried in Dover Baptist Church cemetery,
      Moore County, NC.

Elias M. Deaton
   Born: 1830 in NC
   Died: 9/9/1863 in Civil War
      (Civil War: Co K, 34th NC Infantry Reg.)
      Enlisted in Confederate Army 3/18/1863
   Parents: Joseph Deaton & Mary McDonald D.
   Married: 10/4/1852 in Montgomery County, NC
   Wife: Elizabeth "Betsy" Yarborough
      Born: 1825
      1. Louisa E. Deaton born 1856 in NC
            Married: 12/27/1877 in Montgomery County, NC
            Husband: D. P. Dunn
      2. Henry Lee Deaton born 1858 in NC
      3. Mary Deaton born 1860 in NC

|  Info on Henry Lee Deaton's family (beyond what Lawson
|  Deaton already had) is primarily from Mildred Deaton
|  Upchurch (granddaughter). 

Henry Lee Deaton
   Born: 1858 in NC
   Died: 1893
   Parents: Elias M. Deaton & Elizabeth Yarborough D.
   Married: 12/22/1881 in Montgomery County, NC
   Wife: Ann E. Macon
      Born: ____
      Died: 8/24/1899
         Ann remarried after Henry's death, and had a fifth
         child by her second husband, _______ Richardson.
      1. William Jesse Deaton born 12/14/1883 in NC
      2. Annie Daisy Deaton
            Born: about 1884
            Married: 3/30/1903 in Montgomery County
            Husband: David Robinson
               1. Charlie Albert Robinson
                     Born: 1905
               She died young, per Mildred Upchurch.
               Marriage info per Lawson Deaton. 
               Per Wayne Dunn, Liberty, NC:
                  Charlie Albert Robinson born in 1905.
                  Another child born in 1907 to David's
                  second wife.  Did Annie die in childbirth?
      3. Alice Deaton
            Born: about 1885
            Died: in 1950's, before 1957
            Married: 6/14/1903 in Montgomery County, NC
            Husband: Henry Maner (Maynor?)
            Children: (5 daughters, 3 sons, order not known)
                x. Odis (dau)(lives in High Point, NC)
                      Husband: Charles Sanders
                         Craig Sanders
                x. Betty (lives in Denton, NC)
                      Husband: _____ Morris
                x. Berle
                x. Herman
                x. Virgil
               lived in Louisiana til mid-30's, then moved
               back to NC (High Point)
      4. Thomas Deaton
            Born: 2/4/1888
            Died: 10/15/1951
               Served in WW I
               Never married
               Buried in Red Springs, NC city cemetery

      5.  Jeannie Richardson (High Point, NC)
             Married: ________ Hussier
                1. Vivian
                2. Murrill
                3. (daughter)

|  For William Jesse Deaton & Mary Willar Mauldin and their
|  children, Birth, Death, & Marriage dates, along with name
|  spellings and birth county are from Jesse & Willar's family
|  Bible.
|  Other info on the family is primarily from Timothy Futch
|  Deaton, as gathered mainly from interviews with various
|  family members.

William Jesse Deaton ("Jesse")
   Born: 12/14/1883 in Montgomery County, NC
   Died: 5/20/1957 in Red Springs, Robeson County, NC
   Parents: Henry Lee Deaton & Ann E. Macon D.
   Married: 8/16/1903 in Montgomery County, NC
   Wife: Mary Willer Mauldin ("Willar")
      Born: 2/9/1884 in Montgomery County, NC
         (2/9/1885 per her parents' family Bible, which
          shows parents' marriage as 5/4/1884)
      Died: 11/4/1960 in Scotland County, NC
         (note: lived in Red Springs, NC til death; hospital
          was in Scotland County.)
      Father: Benjamin Rufus Mauldin (7/20/1860-3/15/1924)
      Mother: Eliza Usrey (12/16/1862-1/4/1934)
      Buried: Red Springs, NC city cemetery
      Jesse & Willar Deaton farmed around the PeeDee
      River until 1919-1921, when they moved to Shannon, NC
      (3 miles east of Red Springs) in Robeson County.  They
      rented a farm in Shannon until about 1949-1950, when
      they moved into Red Springs.  He then operated a small
      community store until his death in 1957.  The entire
      time they lived in the Shannon/Red Springs area the
      family attended First Baptist Church of Red Springs.
      Buried at Red Springs city cemetery.
      1. Lenoir Ethel Deaton (5/19/1904 - 1/9/1979)
      2. Viola Elizabeth Deaton (6/21/1905 - 11/12/1993)
      3. Jesse Bernice Deaton (2/16/1907 - 1/13/1982)
      4. Benton Rufus Deaton (9/27/1908 - 10/16/1979)
      5. Mary Willer Virginia Deaton (1/26/1910 - 3/8/1994)
      6. Birty Lillian Deaton (4/6/1911 - 1/29/1987)
      7. Flader "Flada" Belle Deaton (3/19/1913 - 2/20/1998)
      8. Joseph "Joe" Curtis Deaton (11/24/1914 - 1/26/1997)
      9. Henry Ervin Deaton (4/30/1916 - 12/18/1944)
      10. Thomas Paul Deaton (4/23/1917 - 6/13/1994)
      11. Alice Lee Deaton (7/7/1919 - 1/3/1993)
      12. William Jesse Deaton Jr. (9/3/1921 - 5/15/1978)
      13. Josephine Mildred Deaton (5/12/1923 - 11/6/2003)
      14. Mary Elizabeth Deaton (4/13/1925 - 10/2/1976)
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