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James Stewart on Faith and Family    as told to Floyd Miller
        In this story from October 1964, the beloved actor pays tribute to his father,
        a man of conviction and devotion.
Afghan War Vet Receives Medal of Honor
Military.com     27 Aug 2013

Army Staff. Sgt Ty Carter on Monday became the fifth living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for his valor in helping stop a surrounding enemy force from overrunning a remote outpost in Afghanistan. Read More
Oldest Living Medal of Honor Recipient Dies 
CliffViewPilot.com   4 Oct 2013

Nicholas Oresko (January 18, 1917 - October 4, 2013) was a United States Army veteran and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions on 23 January 1945, during World War II,
Military Valor
Guideposts Classics:
   Jimmy Stewart (actor)

Medal of Honor
   Nicholas Oresko
   Salvatore Giunta
   Ty Carter
   William Crawford

Other Articles
Jay Leno interviews
George Bush

Jay Leno Interviews George W. Bush -- 19 Nov 2013:
     Part 1  -  On interviews and painting (5:10)
     Part 2  -  Bush's portrait of Leno (5:10)
     Part 3  -  Work with wounded veterans (4:20)
     Part 4  -  Humanitarian work (and dance moves) in Africa (4:41)
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Vietnam Veterans Memorial At 2am   by Timothy Manning   11 May 2015
Vietnam Veterans Memorial At Dawn   by Angela B Pan   6 Jan 2012
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