Area Churches - Athens, GA - northwest side
__(Jefferson Rd - Whitehead Rd - Tallassee Rd area)

__My Church:  Oconee Heights Baptist Church     Facebook 
____4180 Jefferson Road, 30607

__Other Neighborhood Churches (Jefferson Rd - Whitehead Rd - Tallasee Rd:area)
____Athens Christian  (non-denominational)    Facebook
______1200 Forest Heights Drive, 30606
____Athens Religious Society of Friends (the Quaker meeting)
______675 Pulaski Street, Suite 2500  (Leathers Bldg), 30601
____Bethesda Temple Apostolic Church (Pentacostal)
______101 Whitehead Road    
____Chapelwood UMC     Facebook
______100 Janice Drive, 30606
____Christian Life Worship Center (Pentacostal Holiness)    Facebook
______125 Kathwood Drive, 30607
____Forest Heights Baptist     Facebook
______1155 Oglethorpe Avenue, 30606
____Gateway UMC
______6425 Jefferson Road, 30607
____Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
______1200 Forest Heights Drive, 30606
______cellphone: 803-604-7691   email:
____Grace Fellowship Church
______285 Tallassee Rd, 30606
______(Friendship Christian Church building)
____Greater Athens Church of God
______565 Tallassee Rd, 30606
____Oglethorpe Avenue Church Of Christ
______975 Oglethorpe Avenue, 30606
____St James Baptist     Facebook
______3685 Jefferson Road, 30607
____Trinity Lutheran     Facebook
______2535 Jefferson Road, 30607

Other more city-wide church listings:
__Athens-Clarke County Guide (by University of Georgia Libraries)
__Athens, GA Churches  (by
__Athens, GA Churches  (by
__Church Directory  (by Athens Banner-Herald newspaper)
__Church Directory - Athens  (by
__Clarke County Churches  (by
__Google map of Athens area churches

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Ministries I'm Interested In
__Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) (religious freedom legal aid)
__American Bible Society (Bible publishing & distribution)
__Children Of Vietnam (humanitarian aid)
__Christian Law Association (legal aid)  [listen here to daily 90-second radio program]
__Crusselle-Freeman Church of the Deaf (Atlanta, GA)
__Key Life (teaching ministry of Steve Brown)  [listen here or here]
__Insight For Living (teaching ministry of Chuck Swindoll)  [listen here or here]
__Light Of Messiah Ministries (Evangelism to Jewish people)
____Facebook     YouTube    
__Little Samaritan Mission (Christian radio, orphanage, & humanitarian aid to Moldova)
____Newsletters: June 2016    Nov 2016    Mar 2017
__Multi-Media Evangelism (Evangelistic & Deaf Ministries)
__Presidential Prayer Team (Intercessory Prayer for U.S. Government)
__Samaritan's Purse (Franklin Graham's evangelistic & humanitarian ministry)
__Turning Point (teaching ministry of David Jeremiah)  [listen here or here]
__Your Story Hour (radio drama)    [listen here or here to the drama, or to a short reading here]
__World Vision (humanitarian aid)
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Churches - NW Athens
Churches - Athens/Clarke area
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Other content
Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled 
(50-minute movie)
I Saw A World

I Saw a man: broken, lonely, afraid,
Filling the nostrils with the stench of unkempt age.
And I said, "I cannot take time from my day
To sit with this one of hoary grey".

But Jesus said, "I want to sit with him for awhile
And touch him with the comfort
Of My abiding love".
And so I sat with him,
Jesus in me.

I saw a woman: hard and calloused within,
Bearing the marks of a life of sin.
And I said, "I cannot risk the loss of my good name
By spending time with this woman of shame".

But Jesus said, "I want to be a friend to her
And touch her with the wonder
Of My forgiving love".
And so I became her friend,
Jesus in me.

I saw a child: twisted and frightened and frail,
Staring with hollowed eyes into an unforgiving world.
And I said, "I cannot bear to even look or touch
This human form that needs so much".

But Jesus said, "I want to hold him in My arms
And touch him with the healing power
Of My love".
And so I held him,
Jesus in me.

I saw a world: pagan, empty, lost,
Struggling in the power of heathen dross.
And I said, "I cannot leave my life of comfort and ease
To carry the Gospel across the seas".

But Jesus said, "I want to go to those lost in sin
And touch them with the miracle
Of My redeeming love within".
And so I go,
Jesus in me.

-- Dr. George Henderson (1918-1997)
Missionary to Cameroon (Africa) 1947-1969
Missionary to foreign students in Athens, GA (Univ. of Georgia) 1970-1997