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US Flag with Ben Franklin quote
Inspired by and using artwork from Hobby Lobby's 2014 Independence Day ad
Ring The Bells Of Freedom - The Kingsmen
Patriotic Music & Videos
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
The Star-Spangled Banner - 4 verses (Shaefer)
America The Beautiful
God Bless America
O' America!
GI Joe And Lillie - Joe Bonsall

An American Trilogy  (Elvis)
In God We Still Trust  (Diamond Rio)
Never Forget
  (Brett Epps)
Pledge of Allegiance  (Red Skelton)
Proud To Be An American
  (Army Chorus)
Ring The Bells Of Freedom  (The Kingsmen)
Sacrifice  (Oak Ridge Boys)
"Taps" History  (John Wayne)

Letters From Home  (John Michael Montgomery)
Letters From War
  (Mark Shultz)
Standing In The Gap
(Somebody's Praying Me Through)  (Allen Asbury)
Statue of Liberty
  (Ivan Parker)
When The World Stopped Turning
   (Alan Jackson)
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In honor of Flag Day  (Tuesday 14 June) - often forgotten and overlooked
Ragged Old Flag - Johnny Cash